Magnetic VESA Dock for iPad 12.9

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What's in the Box?

Magnetic VESA Mount Adapter
4 x M4 Hand-screw

Product Description

The Magnetic VESA Mount allows simple and intuitive attachment of iPad Pro to any VESA-compatible wall mount, desk mount, stand, or articulating arm. 

Perfect to integrate iPad Pro in unique workflows, such as secondary display use in Side Car and Universal Control Modus. Or for standalone use in combination with mouse and keyboard for ergonomic working experience. The applications are endless! 

Precisely placed high-strength neodymium magnets provide a powerful grip to your iPad Pro. Foolproof to accidental hits and even earthquakes. Perfect to type, draw or one-handed USB-C cable plugin. 

The Magnetic VESA Mount is compatible with common 100 mm x 100 mm and 75 mm x 75 mm VESA brackets. The mount is manufactured from premium ABS, which is used in automotive. With a textured surface, it’ll look slick on any desk.

Magnetic VESA Dock works best with iPad Pro 12.9 5th and 6th Generation. Older generations, have much less magnets build in, hence provide weaker magnetic attachement strength. If you own an older iPad Pro 12.9, still want to use the Dock, you can remove the front silicone sticker, which increases magnetic strength. 

Combine. Dock. Create

Introducing a universal docking solution for iPad. With Zelal Dock, you can attach iPad magnetically to 1000s of VESA compatible mounting solutions. And unleash unleash the true power of iPad.

iPad + Dock + VESA

Designed to support any workflow imaginable. Dock iPad and unleash productivity. Perfect for Zoom and FaceTime video calls or in combination with Universal Control.

Infinite Possibilities.

Premium Build

Constructed with high quality materials. Manufactured from high-strength, automotive grade ABS. Will not bend or break. 90 super-strong magnets securely and precisely attaches to the iPad's embedded magnets.

Snap and Go.

Made for Pros

Professionals around the world use Zelal Dock in extreme settings to get the most out of iPad. Either in the recording studio or in the farm tractor.

Customer Reviews

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Works with iPad 12.9 inch 3rd gen

If you're looking for a minimalist style desk setting, this is the product to buy.

matt henschel
this should help the next unpacking job quiet a bit

i like the rotating magnetic screen i got going. the keyboard and trackball also control two other (fanless) computers that are both hooked to the tv. one machine has a pair of tascam da-78hr’s hanging off of it for backup purposes.

a waterproof case that works with the magnet would be killer.

i’m trying to figure out how to attach a picture but i think thats a seperate page.

anywho THANKS

Weak magnets

I really enjoy being able to use my ipad as a second screen using this dock from Zeal, but I was surprised by how weak the magnets are. I have an 12.9 inch ipad pro and every time I'm putting it to the dock, I need to be super careful to make sure that it's being hold in place. Still happens that it just falls from the dock when I'm mounting it.

Gregg H.
Great VESA mount, wish magnets were stronger

It's great quality and fit perfectly with my mount. My only issue is around the strength of the magnets. They are decent strength, but I would like them to be a bit stronger. I'd gladly update to 5 stars if i can make the magnets stronger.

Tobey B.
Super VESA Mount for iPad Pro

The VESA mount for the iPad looks good, is sleek and fits great in my setup. so I can use my iPad on the Mac well as a second display. The magnets hold well, although I wish they were a little stronger. The logo sticks out a bit at the bottom from the otherwise soft-covered surface, but it doesn't bother since it's also a soft, elastic material.